Graduate Students:

We look for enthusiastic graduate students who are interested in dark matter or neutrino physics research and developing novel detector and data analysis techniques for the next generation experiment. Interested students shall contact Prof. Ni.

Postdoctoral Fellows: 

We currently do not have open positions for postdoc fellows. If you would like to explore external postdoc fellowship opportunities, please contact Prof. Ni.

Undergraduate Students:

We have limited number of positions for undergraduate students. If you are interested in exploring undergraduate research opportunities, please first discuss with our group members, including existing undergraduate students. We expect undergraduate students to devote 6-12 hours/week on research projects once they join the group. Sophomore students shall sign up PHYS-99. Junior and above shall sign up PHYS-199.

Visiting and Summer Students:

Visiting and summer students, usually sponsored by their own or scholarships, will be discussed individually.