Our group is a part of the UCSD RARELABS for developing novel particle detectors based on noble elements for the rare event searches (dark matter, neutrinoless double beta decay, reactor neutrinos). CurrentĀ members can be found on the RARELABS webpage.

RARELABS Group Photo (Mar. 2022, in front of the breezeway between Mayer Hall and Bonner Hall)

Kayaking at La Jolla Shore, July 2019: Jiawen, Zhiheng, Jianyang, Yuehuan, Yue, Zehong, Jingqiang, Kaixuan

Happy Crew in the Lab, April 2019: Zehong, Chuanyu, Jianyang, Yuehuan, Jingqiang, Jiawen, Cody, Kaixuan, Jianyu, Zhiheng

Group BBQ at Crown Point Park, 8/15/2018: Jianyang, Jianyu, Kaixuan, Francesco, Wanqiang, Yuehuan, Jingqiang, Zihao, Shixiao, Zhiheng

Group meeting 6/15/2018. From left: Jingqiang, Jialing, Francesco, Zehong, Zhiheng, Jianyang, Chen, Tom, Kaixuan

From left: Quan, Alex, Yuehuan, Jialing, Kaixuan, Jingqiang, Jianyu, Francesco