Selected recent talks:

  1. Jianyang Qi, The Capabilities of the Liquid Xenon Proportional Scintillator Counter for Low-energy Event Detection, Nov. 7, 2023, CPAD 2023 Workshop, SLAC
  2. K. Ni, The Road Towards the Ultimate Direct Detection of WIMP Dark Matter, Nov. 12, 2023, CosPA2023, Hong Kong
  3. K. Ni, Light Dark Matter Searches with Liquid Xenon, Symposium on Frontiers of Underground Physics, Nov.1, 2023, Chengdu
  4. Jianyang Qi, Low Energy Event Detection in a Liquid Xenon Proportional Scintillation Counter, LIDINE 2023, Sep 21, 2023, Madrid, Spain
  5. K. Ni, Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (CEvNS) with Noble Liquids, WIN 2023, July 4, 2023, Zhuhai, China
  6. Abigail Kopec, DARWIN and the Future of Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detectors,  UCLA Dark Matter 2023, Mar 31, 2023.
  7. Jianyang Qi, Development of a Single Phase Liquid Xenon Detector for Reactor Antineutrino Detection, CPAD Workshop, Stony Brook University, Nov.29, 2022.
  8. K. Ni, Noble Liquid Experiments for Neutrino and Dark Matter Interactions, NDM 2022, Asheville, North Carolina, May 18, 2022
  9. Abigail Kopec, Electron Emission in Liquid Xenon Detectors, EXCESS2022 Workshop, KIT, Feb 15, 2022.
  10. Jianyang Qi, Detection of Electroluminescence in Liquid Xenon with a Radial Time Projection Chamber, LIDINE 2021, San Diego (online), Sep. 16, 2021
  11. K. Ni, Observation of Low Energy Excess Events in XENON1T, Annual Meeting of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences: Particles, Cosmology and String, Online, Dec. 2020
  12. K. Ni, Feasibility of a Liquid Xenon Detector for Reactor Neutrino Detection via CEvNS, Magnificent CEvNS 2020, online, Nov. 2020.
  13. K. Ni, LBECA: a Low Background Electron Counting Apparatus for Sub-GeV Dark Matter Detection, TAUP 2019, Toyama, Japan, Sep. 2019.
  14. K. Ni, Dark Matter Direct Detection: a Status Review, a review of the recent results and prospects for dark matter detection in the next years.  DPF Meeting at Northeastern University, Boston, July 2019.
  15. Jingqiang Ye, Search for Dark Absorption with XENON1T, APS April Meeting, Apr.14, 2019, Denver.
  16. K. Ni, Dark Matter Direct Detection with Liquid Xenon, an overview of experiments using liquid xenon to search for dark matter, presented at the workshop “Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research”, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, March 7-9, 2019
  17. K. Ni, Status and Results of the XENON1T Dark Matter Search, NDM 2018, Daejeon, Korea, June 29 – July 4, 2018 (report of the latest results from 1 ton-year exposure from the XENON1T experiment and it’s current status and upgrade plan to XENONnT)
  18. K. Ni, Recent Results from Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments, CIPANP 2018, Palm Spring, CA, May 29-June 3, 2018. (an update-to-date review of the results from worldwide dark matter direct detection experiments)
  19. K. Ni, Analyzing the XENON1T Dark Matter Search Data, UCLA Dark Matter 2018, Feb.23, 2018
  20. Jingqiang Ye, Measurement of Electronic Recoil Response and Electronic/Nuclear Recoils Discrimination of low energy in XENON100, LIDINE 2017, SLAC, Sep 22-24, 2017
  21. K. Ni, The XENONnT Dark Matter Experiment, DPF 2017, Fermilab, Jul 31 – Aug 4, 2017
  22. K. Ni, DARWIN: a 50-ton liquid xenon detector for dark matter and neutrino physics, WIN 2017, Irvine, CA, June 19-23, 2017
  23. K. Ni, First results from the XENON1T dark matter search, UCSD physics colloquium, June 1, 2017 (with an introduction on dark matter detection and up-to-date the most sensitive dark matter search result to audience with a broader physics background)


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